African American Wedding Hairstyles Popular Today

African American Wedding Hairstyles Popular Today

African American Wedding Hairstyles: The Glow of Love

African American Weddng Hair Tips

African American Wedding Hair Tips

On this day of all days, all eyes are upon the bride as she makes her way down the aisle to take the hand of her beloved. The oohs and aahs as her gown softly rustles across the floral strewn aisle reverberate throughout the ceremony location as the music heralds her entrance. What a stunning sight she is. Okay. Rewind tape!

African American Bride

African American Bride

In order to be that vision of beauty, you need to work smart before the big day. There used to be a saying that the wedding and all of its accompaniments were “the bride’s domain” and “the bride’s day.” Thank goodness that school of thought is quickly passing by the wayside. Since it takes two people to be wed, then it makes sense that both the bride and the groom will take care in looking their absolute best, not only for the guests and all assembled, but most importantly — for each other.

Here are some helpfull insights into African American Wedding Hairstyles.

So how do you embark upon this particular trip? The best thing to remember is that you wish to look like you do every day of your life, except that this day is a wee bit more important. In other words, don’t go for a drastic look or change in your appearance. If you are a natural brunette, you might not want to try the Marilyn Monroe look. For most women, enhancing their already natural good looks isn’t too hard of a task. You can work with your current stylist or salon, which may offer special bridal packages for you and your attendants. It is wise to start this project at least six months prior to your wedding so that you will have an opportunity to test and experiment with different colors and looks. It can be overwhelming at times, but in the hands of an expert stylist, the results will be wonderful.

Makeup is an artful tool that when used correctly, can really add a soft sparkle to an already happy face. If your regular salon does not have a licensed make-up artist on staff, they may be able to refer you to someone who can help you create the look you desire.

African American Wedding Hairstyles in the Morning

Are you getting hitched in the morning? A soft, dewy-fresh look is the perfect face to put forward for an early morning ceremony. Think of how flowers look in the garden in the beginning of the day. Their soft petals are kissed with glistening dew and the fragrance is subtle and soft. Will you be saying, “I do” in the afternoon? Try glowing, vivid color palettes that reflect the brightness of the daytime. Fresh tones of peach, rose and copper are great shades to work with. Spectacular evening nuptials on your schedule? Then go for the glam! Soft, sheer, iridescent sparkle is your key to an absolutely fabulous look. For inspiration, think of candlelight and diamonds, and then let your makeup artist work her magic!

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. No matter what the length of your tresses may be, now is the time to get them in optimal shape! While a lot of brides want to go for a different look on their wedding day, experts all agree that a drastic change isn’t necessary, just an uplift or enhancement of your natural look.

Natural African American Wedding Hairstyles

For natural hair, locks or braids, sit down with your stylist in advance of the event. Discuss the look you are envisioning, then let the stylist give you some creative assessments as to what will and will not work. If you decide to wear a headpiece or veil, make sure that the stylist is aware of your choice, so that it can be integrated into your coiffure. Keep regular appointments with your salon, so that the health of your natural hair can be maintained. If you are new to the natural hair care scene, working with a trained professional will make your transition much easier and the end result will be naturally beautiful!

If you’ve decided to “grow” your hair out for this day, remember that it does take time! It becomes imperative that you work with a reputable salon so that your hair can be nourished and pampered so it can grow as healthy as possible.

You may wish to add a few inches to your own natural tresses, so consult with your stylist about the various hair lengthening options available. The key to this is subtlety: don’t overdo it! Your groom (and guests) may be a bit surprised to see that short, chic crop cut you sported at the rehearsal dinner has become a waist length mane. Keep it believable and know that it should enhance your overall look.

Color can be a breath of life to dull, washed out hair. Work with your stylist to find a palette of tones that will bring sparkling highlights to your wedding hairdo!

There is nothing like the sight of a breathtakingly beautiful bride on the way down the aisle to start a new life with the love of her life. It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so if you carefully plan your wedding day look, you will be a beautiful sight indeed. These¬†African American Wedding Hairstyles are sure to make you the beauty that you deserve to be.


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