Bridal Gown Tips

Bridal Gown Tips

Bridal Gown

Bridal Gown Tips:
Getting the most out of your visit to the bridal shop, saving money, and avoiding scams.

Deposit Tips For Your Wedding Dress
You may need a new, clean credit card for deposits, don’t EVER pay cash. If the deal goes south, you’ll never get your cash back, but you can dispute a credit charge.

This article gives you advice from a bride’s point of view and offers money saving tips along the way for finding the right bridal gown. You’ll get better service from a well known established full service shop than most bridal warehouse type stores. Not all brides care to save money at bridal stores nor do they want to haggle over pricing, and that’s OK too. Keep all of these bridal tips in mind as you shop for your wedding gown, veil, wedding invitations, toasting glasses, and more. You don’t have to be an expert to know it’s a violation of FTC rules to remove labels from wedding dresses in the store, unless its replaced by the shop’s own label. We still get nasty grams from industry insiders telling us to shut up and that we are “just whining”, but it’s important that you know many shops are “pulling the veil over you.” Some people don’t mind this practice, while others do. We don’t approve because it’s misleading, and you have the right to full disclosure on what you are paying hard earned money for. This is only our “stupid, uninformed, whining” opinion, as “industry experts and insiders” email us to crawl back into the hole we came out of. You are free to make your own conclusions.

Most of the shops you encounter will be very good. But as in any business, mixed in with some very classy, honorable shops are some real dungeons of doom. If anyone thinks that it’s Walton’s Mountain out there, think again. Some shops don’t let you take photos in the store with your dress, some shops don’t even allow pen & paper to be brought in. Do your research for a few weeks before shopping for your bridal gown. This will give you a great snapshot of what brides are currently experiencing in their quest for a fairy tale wedding dress (bridal gown). Brides are passionate and if they were treated right they’ll let others know. But if they were treated wrong, boy will they let others know:

Tips when going to the bridal stores

Do not go into a bridal shop with a chip on your shoulder, we want you to go bridal gown shopping feeling confident and knowledgeable, not confrontational and paranoid and be aware of what can and does go wrong. You must be aware of your rights and speak when you need to.

Get the free wedding planning software that helps you plan your wedding on your PC. Every couple should be using this great freebie to plan their storybook wedding with. Here’s the other big tip for you.

Make sure you have your copy of the Bridal Gown Guide with you. Once the shop owners see you with this book, they know you did your homework, and they cannot pull any tricks on you, and you have the prices right there. Many visitors report that once dealers see “Bridal Gown Guide”, scams go away, and the deal proceeds on your terms not theirs. You should carry this strategy forward into anything you buy. Once salespeople see your educated, they cannot pull the veil over your eyes.

Wedding Invitations
If you’re new to wedding invitations and are nervous about all the etiquette rules and how to do wedding invitations, fear not. Should you mention gifts or registries in the invitations? The parents are divorced, how should your wedding invitations be worded? When should you send them? These questions and more are answered by Crane’s Wedding Blue Book This excellent book is illustrated with many samples for every situation imaginable. You’ll find the answers to all of your questions regarding paper, ink, letter style, wording, engraving, not to mention enclosure cards, thank-you notes, announcements, at home cards, and much more. Be sure to also visit the online Crane Paper’s Wedding Invitation Design Center for ideas on invitations, and order yours online.

These Bridal Gown Tips should be helpful when shopping for your wedding dress.


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