Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

This spring we are seeing a variety of substitutes to the old fashioned bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives. The new styles are sleek, fresh and can be less expensive than the traditional bridesmaid bouquets. Spring is the season of bloom and rather than the typical boring flower bridesmaid bouquet spruce up your wedding with these alternatives.

The Fabric Purse Bridesmaid Bouquet:

  • Many brides are choosing an open purse with a somewhat rectangular shape and fabric strap for their bridesmaids to carry. Simply place a clear plastic bag on the inside with your favorite flowers or plant emerging from the top of the purse. This sleek look with save some cash while giving your bridesmaids a keepsake for years to come. These purses are simple enough to make if you can’t find any that suit your liking in the stores.

Silver Vase Bridesmaid Bouquet:

  • A small silver vase or bucket, (anything with a handle) will add a touch of grace to your bridesmaid’s walking down the aisle. The silver shine from the vase will provide a nice contrast and catch the eye of the crowd as the bridesmaid walks down the aisle. The only thing to be weary of is the weight. Remember that it is not only the weight of the vase, but you must consider the flowers as well as water or soil that will be added to it.

Fruit Basket Bridesmaid Bouquet:

  • For a summer wedding a nice fruit basket would provide a bountiful of color, not to mention that the sweet smell of the fruit will be lovely. Large red strawberries would look great, not to mention tasty. Blackberries might also be cute if you can manage to make a bouquet out of them. Fruits come in a variety of color and shape to match just about any color scheme, just watch out for stains!

Plants Bridesmaid Bouquet:

  • A great alternative, not to mention very cost effective. There are no headaches with plants. Depending on the season, many home garden centers will have a wide variety to choose from.

Leaves Bridesmaid Bouquet:

  • A leaf bouquet, what an idea! If arranged properly this unique look will go great with many different styles. You can even add a candle amidst the leaves for a romantic touch.

If you choose to have an alternative bridesmaid bouquet, something special to you both, you might want to include the meaning in the wedding program. These traditional bouquet substitutes give your ceremony a close, personal feel, at a cost that may be less than the average cost of a regular bridesmaid bouquet.


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