How to Brighten up my dull Wedding Reception Venue

How to Brighten up my dull Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Reception Venue


I’m getting married in August 2015. We have limited choices for our wedding reception venue. My fiance and I decided to go with a wedding reception hall that will hold approx. 300-350 people comfortably. My problem with this wedding reception venue is that, it’s so open and plain. My wedding colors are silver and plum and I would like to accent the hall with these colors. I also like the idea of the Christmas lights, but how do you hide all the wires from hanging all over the place? Please help me decorate my dull reception hall, I would like it to look quite elegant and dreamy. It needs lots of color. Thank you, Jessica


Lights without wires to spruce up your wedding reception venue:

I’ll answer the easy question first so that we can get into your decorating question more quickly. It’s very easy to hide the wires on Christmas lights. You can use any number of things including fabric, ribbon and even crepe paper. The trick is to wrap the fabric/ribbon/crepe around the wires…skipping the wire attached to the light bulb. Even though it does leave the wire attached to the lightbulb exposed, it will be much safer. You can then either tape the ends or hot glue gun them. In order to do this safely, you need to glue or tape the fabric onto *the fabric*…which means that you’ll have to wrap once more (in order to have fabric to glue to) when you get to the ends of the cord, then simply tape or glue. As usual, make sure that you get “cool-to-the touch” bulbs as there is less risk of fire.

A pleasing effect for your wedding reception venue:

If you’d like the room to appear smaller (and more intimate) you can do a number of things to realize this effect. The first idea is to use soft lighting. Legion halls usually have harsh light (as do some ball rooms and reception halls). Softer lighting can be accomplished with candles, hurricane lamps…or even christmas lights wrapped in tulle. A combination of these can be used as well.

For a larger wedding reception venue though, you would need many more light sources than a smaller sight. If you can find some fabric very inexpensively, and have a lot of time, you can also cover the walls with a darker fabric. In your case the best choice would be plum (rather than silver). You could use tacks to put up the fabric. Of course, most sites won’t allow this, and you will have to talk with them to find out their policies, before you plan something like this.

A simpler and less drastic way to make the room appear smaller is to “break it up” into sections. All that this means is that instead of covering the room with a darker colors, you could use the darker color in strips. In fact, you could even use streamers (crepe paper) in such a manner. You have two options here as well. You could place the streamers/fabric vertically or you could place it horizontally. If you use a vertical application (perhaps three or so streamers with silk flowers accenting the top or you could go for a striped look) it will break up the size (width) of the walls. If you use a horizontal application (you could use streamers/fabric to stripe the middle of the wall or use them at eye-level) the height of the room will be diminished. Finally, swags of fabric would work for this purpose (horizontally–middle of wall or eye-level) as well.

You can also use swags of fabric in decorating as well. I can think of a number of color-combinations that would work well with the colors chosen for your wedding. Tulle/netting and (plain–white or unbleached) cotton are both relatively inexpensive fabrics…and can be used to form the swags. You can attach these to the wall near (or meeting) the ceiling. Where the swags are gathered…you can place silk flowers (in plum) and tape, pin or glue a bow of silver ribbon. Or you can find a plum or silver (generally more expensive) colored fabric and accent the gathers with flowers or bows of the opposite color. You can then decorate the tables in a similar manner. They could have white tablecloths with centerpieces of plum tied of with a silver bow. An interesting effect would also be achieved by using a mixture of silver cloths on some tables and plum colored cloths on others. You could finish the look by painting baskets/pots in both silver and plum…and then place a brightly colored mixture of flowers (silk or real) in them for centerpieces. Or you could use one color of tablecloths (plum) and swag at the ends of the table with a bow (silver).

Wedding Reception Venue Centerpieces:

Your options are unlimited when it comes to centerpieces. You can visit your local thrift shop to find different sizes of silvertone plates, pedestals, vases, bowls and glasses and then use plum colored ribbon or flowers (you could also use bright groups of flowers with this idea) to accent them. These would look stunning if grouped into different sizes and shapes on each table. If you used candlelight in any of the settings, it would flicker off of the silver and create a magical effect. Another option is to use plain glass bowls, fill them partway with silvertone beads, add water…a plum colored flower or votive candle, and set on a small mirror. Plum (or brightly colored flowers) could float in different sized wine (and/or champagne/flute etc.) glasses…and be accented with a silver or plum colored bow. You could even use silver glitter on the tables in order to add a bit of silver. To top it off…you could use ribbons of both plum and silver to tie onto your favors.

Plum and silver are gorgeous together…if done well. In essence…plum should probably be your main color while silver would be your accent color. If you use silver as your main color…you may find the effect to be too “dazzling”. That’s why you’ll find that I’ve used a lot of silver as bows (an accent piece) in this advice. A lot of different colors can accent plum, which is why if you stick to burgandy, rose, dark purple and similar colors…you can use just about anything for flowers. Colors that will make the plum stand out in your decorating include; fuchsia, burnt (and very dark) orange, maroon, hunter green, and light to medium browns.

No matter which choices you choose, remember to have fun, and enjoy yourself. It is your wedding, and should be exciting. Don’t stress too much about your wedding reception venue.


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