Cost of an Open Bar?

Cost of an Open Bar?

Cost of an Open Bar

We are planning a formal wedding for about 150 guests. The reception will consist of a sit down dinner and dancing. I am trying to estimate the cost of our open bar since we are paying for alcohol by the drink. How many cocktails does the average person drink during a 4-5 hour reception? Do people generally drink more beer and wine versus liquor?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to answer your question. The amount a person drinks in general is dependent upon that person. It will be the same at a wedding reception. If you have guests that are known to drink heavily, you can expect to spend more on alcohol, no matter the type. On the other hand, the guests invited to your wedding may be light or social drinkers and may only consume one to two drinks during the entire evening.

The only answer I might be able to give you would be generalizations and might or might not apply to your guests. It is somewhat age-dependent, but has more to do with what type of drink your guests favor. Some people can drink more than others without feeling affected by the alcohol, while others feel affected immediately whether the choice is wine, beer or hard liquor. This may cause them to drink more or less depending on their personality as well as many other factors.

Preference is a big factor, but once again it depends upon your guests. If the majority of your guests prefer one type of alcohol over the other, they might not consume as much if they are given a different choice. Then again, they might.

Perhaps the only concrete suggestion I can give you is to call up your hotel/bartender and ask for their observations. If you’re lucky they may even have statistics of some kind to show which type of alcohol was less expensive at which type of reception. If you’re really lucky, they may share them with you. Even if they don’t keep track of profits (based on type of alcohol) they will probably have a general idea. This answer is based on information obtained by a bartender who kept giving me the same answer to each of your questions: “It depends”.

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The cost will be based upon how thirsty your guests are ;)


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