Decorative Rosettes for Your Wedding

Decorative Rosettes for Your Wedding

Decorative Rosettes

Wedding Reception Centerpiece?

I came up with this craft idea when I was looking for a simple way to dress up a pair of bridal pumps. Since that time, they have come in handy for all sorts of wedding craft projects. I’ve used them to dress up favors, centerpieces, photo albums, memory books, potpourri sachets and various other projects. These rosettes can easily be dressed up, but can also be used for casual weddings depending on what you decide to do with them. They are particularly popular for Victorian and old-fashioned weddings. No matter where you use them, they quickly dress up nearly any wedding craft project. I call them Decorative Rosettes because I think they look like little lace flowers.


  • 1 inch wide gathered lace
  • scissors
  • thread
  • needles
  • glue gun (optional)

Decorative Rosettes Instructions:
Cut lace in 6 to 8 inch lengths. Sew along the top of the lace with a gathering stitch. Pull stitch until lace forms a circle. It is up to you whether you want a tight circle or a loose circle. Stitch both sides of the top together. At this point, you can still adjust the size of the circle if you wish. Make a knot when you are happy with your circle size. Remember that you may need to double or triple knot as lace is fairly sheer. Take the open ends and either use a quick knot to stitch together or use a small dab of glue with a hot glue gun. Your rosette is finished.

*note – I’ve used black thread so that the project would photograph better, but you should use a thread that matches the color of the Decorative Rosettes.

Some Variations:

  • Use different widths of lace.
  • Use two sizes of lace and glue one on top of the other.
  • Add satin ribbon bows or ribbon roses.
  • Add pearl sprays, baby’s breath, charms or large faux pearls.
  • Use two different colors of laces.
  • Stitch two together at the same time. You could use sheer ribbon for the top and lace for the bottom.

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