Fairytale Wedding Ideas

Fairytale Wedding Ideas

Fairytale Wedding Ideas

Inexpensive ideas for a fairytale theme wedding

I need some inexpensive decoration/flower ideas. My wedding gown has a tulle bottom and I want the whole theme to resemble a fairytale. We will be married in a beautiful old church & plan to have the reception at our 150 yr-old house. We have a 60 foot wrap-around porch with very small yard, beautiful arbor with a gate. Hopefully, by May a picket fence around the backyard (now it’s chain link). Invitations are going to resemble a authentic wedding announcement of a Princess of the House of Windsor and Prince of Scotland. Hopefully I can use the exact layout, changing the wording & faces of course. Do you have any ideas of where I could say we were from, using our home town names just doesn’t seem to fit. I would appreciate any ideas you come up with. This site has been very helpful.

First I’m going to offer you a suggestion for the part of your question that’s easiest to answer…the names of your respective home towns. I live in a town called Freeland. Another name that wouldn’t sound right on a royal wedding announcement. By adding a few letters to the end of the town’s name though…I get a name that would sound right; Freelandshire. Of course there are other options…check out maps of both England and Scotland for other choices. A few of these maps can be found online. The first is Virtual Tourist II and will allow you search by country as well as showing a listing of towns. The second is a 1988 map of The United Kingdom which shows political divisions of the time. Finally, Cities, Towns and Villages of the UK should give you further ideas.

At first I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of decorating a 60 foot wrap-around porch, a white picket (or chain link) fence and an arbor in order to make it resemble a fairytale wedding. At that point I went to my library to check out a book on royal weddings. In looking through the pictures I realized that there were two main differences that set royal weddings apart from other weddings. The first was the fascination that we have for royalty of any type. The second thing though was that although the decorating was elegant…it was also somewhat simple. The decorations fit in well with the site and didn’t over-power it any way. While the ideas I present below won’t be cheap, they will be less expensive than decorating it in an ordinary manner.

The first…and relatively inexpensive idea that came to mind was decorating with tulle/netting or another inexpensive white fabric. Any white fabric would do….the expense is in the amount of fabric you’ll need. A very stunning look though would be to decorate with “swags” of fabric all across the fence, and horizontally across the porch. In order to hold the swags, you would need a white tape (florist’s tape comes in white), white satin ribbons (double-knotted in the back) or anything else that has the strength to hold the fabric. For the arbor and the vertical areas of the porch you could simply wrap the fabric loosely around. To finish the look you could use large bows (in white) or small sprays of flowers at each junction where the swag is being held.

Another idea which allows for more flowers is to add long strands of silks and wrap those around the vertical areas of the items you’re decorating. You could tie the bottoms of areas with large white bows to finish the look. You could also use this idea in conjunction with the above…and even alternate between the silk flowers and the fabric. Another way to use both of the ideas is to loosely wrap the strands of silk flowers around the fabric swags.

If you’d rather have real flowers….my best advice would be to rely on greens more than the flowers. Lots of greens combined with either white or very colorful flowers will give you a stunning look as well. You could replace the swag idea above with greens (such as ferns, etc.) and add flowers (of your choice) at equal distances from each other. Another cost-saving idea with real flowers is to use those that are in season. Carnations are in season all year, but most flowers have a specific season. If you go this route, be sure to ask your florist which flowers are in season…and which will give you the most “bang for your buck”.

Depending on the time of day that you’re wedding will be held, christmas lights can be effective as well. This idea works best for a very early morning wedding/reception or an early evening wedding/reception, but can often add “sparkle” to your other decorations. Wrap the Christmas lights in the same areas in which you wrap either the flowers or fabrics. You’ll find that it adds to the look if you use them sparingly. Another option along the same vein is to use candles wherever you can.

To decorate any tables you may have, tulle/netting will work as well. You can either used it alone or in conjunction with a white fabric underneath. Chairs can be decorated with a simple (but large) bow. Potted flowers can be placed in various spots. One spot in which potted flowers might look especially attractive would be on either side of the arbor. Of course, you can also use garden beds for (or with) your decorating if applicable. Centerpieces can be as simple as small vases (check your local thrift shop) tied with a bow and holding one to two blooms. Or they can be as elaborate as a white basket lined with lace (or tulle/netting) which holds either flowers or the favors….and is tied with a nice bow on either side.

Other than these ideas…there are many others that will give you the look that you’re after. Some other items you can use in order to get the same fairytale feeling are: baby’s breath (white), silk or satin ribbons (in various sizes) edged in gold or silver, baskets (painted in white or wedding colors), lace, etc. Any of these items can be used for both the wedding or reception…though I’ve focused mainly on the reception in my answer. Only you know what items will suit you best and will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

All of these ideas are relatively simple to execute, but will give you a stunning and elegant look. Once you actually get a chance to see the results of your efforts, you’ll definately feel like a princess in a fairytale wedding, and the pictures will be stunning as well! And good luck on following through with your…..

Fairytale Wedding Ideas



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    Great ideas that I plan to use for my wedding. Thanks.

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