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Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward – Wedding Styles

Out with the old and in with the new. We have the latest fashion trends for your wedding. Get the up-to-the-minute tips and you will be the trendiest, yet prettiest bride around.

If you’ve read the latest Did You Know section of the site you would already know that pink is in. Pink tiaras have been seen on brides and runways all over Europe fashion. This new color addition gives the bride a very feminine, classic fashion look. Not to mention that it brings out the pink in the skin, resulting in a fresh looking you. Choose a tiara that has a light pink tone to it. If the pink is too bright it will attract too much attention away from your face. Subtlety is key when it comes to wearing a pink tiara.

Those plain old round toed satin shoes are out! Try looking for shoes with a pointed toe and some detail. On the runway this year are slipper shoes with a great deal of detail on them. However, don’t forget to keep fashion comfort in mind.

Antique jewelry is also making its way into weddings all around the globe. Make your “something old” the jewelry. The key is to not wear too much jewelry. Select one or two pieces that compliment your style and your dress. Depending on your dress you may only need to wear earrings. The antique jewelry will give you a romantic fashion look.

The dress! From everything we have seen so far romantic styles are in. On the runways this season are beautifully detailed dresses. Femininity and grace are the key to finding the perfect dress. Beading and lace are on most dresses creating a romantic and full look. A-line gowns with corsets give the bride a feminine and graceful look that even Cinderella would dream of. Corset closures will give you that womanly curve, making you look fabulous even if you don’t have the perfect figure. Along with the romance look this season sexy is in. Spaghetti straps and low cut dresses are the latest in fashion.

The look- romantic, the style you! Keep in mind, that these are the latest fashion trends, but it is the bride that makes her own style using the trends as her guide.


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