Flying Solo – Going to a Wedding Alone

Flying Solo – Going to a Wedding Alone

Going to a Wedding Alone

Going Stag to a Wedding

So, you don’t have a date to the wedding and you don’t know anyone either. You’re even considering not going. Rather than having a miserable time or ditch the affair altogether here are some guidelines to help you through the evening.

  • The happy couple. Ask the bride or groom before the wedding if there will be any single folk at the party. It is more than likely there will be. Try to see if you can be seated next to them.
  • Take anyone. If you are really set on going with someone consider bringing a friend, male or female. You can even ask a family member to tag along.
  • Let loose. At the party, don’t be shy. Although this is easier said than done try to speak up and introduce yourself. Remember you will most likely never see these people again.
  • Introduce yourself! After all, you are at a party. People will be more than likely happy to meet and talk to you. You can start off a conversation by asking how they know the bride or groom.
  • Get on the dance floor. This doesn’t mean that you have to dance the night away, but try and get up for a few fast songs. People usually dance in groups for that type of music so you won’t feel awkward. Who knows, someone may ask you for a slow dance.
  • The buffet line. If the reception has a dinner buffet this is a great opportunity to try to mingle. Ask people around you what they think looks good, or what they are eating, etc.
  • Say hello. Go up and say hi to the bride and groom when others are around. They will introduce you to the other people in the crowd creating a conversation within the group.

At the end of the day just remember to have a good time. Most couples try to seat singles or people attending the wedding solo together, so don’t worry. So remember this when going to a wedding alone.


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