Ideas for Wedding Favors

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Anyone who has attended at least one wedding in their lifetime is sure to have found a little present at their place setting. That “present”, or wedding favour, is a gift to you from the happy couple as a way of saying thanks for coming to wish them well. Whether it is a candy gift or a gilded picture frame, a lot more thought than one would expect has gone into the actual selection of that token gift!

Something Sweet For Everyone – Wedding Favors
A very popular choice for wedding favours has been something along the lines of candy or nuts. Jordan almonds, usually wrapped in tulle netting, is a traditional standby. However, because they have been so common, many brides want something a little different, a little more unique. Chocolate candies in countless forms, shapes, colors, and price ranges, is another popular choice with many brides. Whether it is a gold chocolate coin with your names and wedding date imprinted or a Hershey kiss nestled inside the bowl of a spoon, your imagination is the limit when it comes to candied favours. Some companies may even have kosher chocolates if that is a requirement – just ask.

If you do go the route of a chocolate or other type of candy, be sure that they are properly stored and handled-an August wedding with melting candy on their hands will be more of a pest than a pleasure for your guests!

There are several companies devoted to the preparation of candied favours. Ask for catalogues and pricing sheets, and check delivery times to make sure that you will be able to get your order in time for your wedding. On the flip side, if your favour is an edible one, you don’t want to order too early so that you do not have a bunch of food or candy lying around that might spoil-or get eaten before the wedding!

Ribbons, and Roses, and Candles – OH MY!

If you do not have a sweet tooth, or just want something other than food, there are so many options for other types of favours instead. Candles can be an affordable and tasteful favour selection. One budget-conscious bride took small votive candles in the colours of her bridal party, sat the bridesmaids down one evening, and wrapped the candles in netting tied with a matching ribbon. Another candle favour, although not necessarily for the wallet- minded, is a scented candle set in a pewter base surrounded by mini-greens. Candles are very versatile, so there is a lot you can do with them in the way of favours. Check around, get some ideas, and you are certain to find something you like that will fit your budget. If you are crafty, try your hand at making your own favours. Kits are available, and this can be a real budget saver, too!

Many of these favours can be imprinted with your name and wedding date. Colourful, imprinted ribbons are very popular and can be used as a finishing touch to any favour that you select. Believe it or not, there is a wide selection of ribbon choices, so have fun shopping around!

If you would like something more along the lines of a true gift, there are many ideas which you could use as favours. Ceramic figurines, origami boxes, picture frames, or even potpourri arrangements are other fine choices. This way, your guests will actually have a token that they can take home with them to remember.

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Earth-Friendly Wedding Favors
There are a growing number of environmentally friendly wedding favours that have popped up recently. If you like the idea of giving your guests a gift to grow on, you can present them with seeds to grow a tree or flower in honour of your marriage. This type of favour is growing in popularity. For those with a green thumb, it will be a pleasure to take this kind of gift home!


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