Who do I have to Invite To My Wedding?

Who do I have to Invite To My Wedding?

Who do I have to Invite The Invitation Dilemma

It’s time to create a guest list for your wedding. Who do I have to Invite To My Wedding? There are always going to be the people that have to be invited, such as your best friend, close member of your family, etc, but what about those not so close co-worker or the next door neighbor. Etiquette and feelings can all take their toll. We have the simple answers to make sure you invite who you want.

The work dilemma proper wedding etiquette:

So you have about 20 coworkers, but you don’t like half of them. Let’s face reality, the office is like a bad soap opera, everyone talks about everyone. Meaning, that if you invite some people and not others they will find out. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. The solution, either invite everyone or only invite your boss.

The Ex:

Whether an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband it all depends on your current relationship and how your fiancé feels. Be sure to talk to your fiancé first. You need to respect what he/she says either way.


You are hard core about not having children at the reception. Be sure that you make that clear. This may unfortunately cause some people not to come, however it is your wedding.

You were invited so…:

Just because you were invited to someone’s wedding doesn’t mean you have to invite them. Let’s face it, times change and people grow apart. So, if you have a limited guest list and you barely keep in touch with someone you don’t have to invite them just because you were invited to their wedding.

Try to be as diplomatic as possible. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can simply not invite someone and get away with it. Simply explain the situation and people will be understanding. If all else fails you can always invite people to the wedding ceremony and not the reception, (although this may be more difficult than not inviting them at all) but it is an option.

So who do I have to Invite To My Wedding?

It’s your wedding, so you decide.


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