Keep My Wedding Under $5000 – Cheap Wedding Ideas

Keep My Wedding Under $5000 – Cheap Wedding Ideas

Cheap Wedding Ideas

on a Budget

I am trying to keep my wedding under $5000 dollars if at all possible. However, I do not want to cut back so much that by the end of our big day, we feel cheated. Jennifer

No Need To Feel Cheated

First I’d like to take a moment to discuss the concept of feeling “cheated” on your wedding day by cutting back on your expenses. There are a number of ways to avoid this. One of them is to sit down and discuss with your fiance what aspects of a wedding will make your wedding feel like a wedding. This can be anything from a fairytale setting to wearing the “big white dress”. Each person has their own ideas of what a wedding should be and contain…and you should work from your concept of a wedding…whether you choose to spend $100,000 or $1,000 on your wedding day. It is these elements that will cause your wedding to fit your ideals.

Here are some Cheap Wedding Ideas, that won’t make your wedding seem cheap.

Second, there is absolutely no shame in saving money while attaining the elements mentioned above. There are many good arguments for saving on wedding costs. Whether you choose this path because you want to save money for something else (a house for example) or because you simply can’t afford to spend “that much money on one day”, you should take pride in your decision. You’ve made a decision that will allow you to be better prepared to handle financial hardships and/or decisions in the future. The way that you attain your goals doesn’t matter…whether by crafts (making certain things yourself) or by shopping around for the best price…be proud of the fact that you’ve chosen this path.

Now onto those money-saving ideas! First, I answered a question similar to yours in a recent answer Can a wedding be done beautifully for under $5,000? should give you a good start.

Cheap wedding ideas don’t need to make your wedding seem cheaply done. While I could list literally thousands of ideas, I’m going to focus on those ideas that I haven’t had a chance to fully explain or list. The ideas will vary and cover different aspects of a wedding. Also many of the gift ideas aren’t gender-specific and could apply to both male and female attendants.

Wedding Accessories

  • Make your own veil or buy a kit for making it. A simple veil to make is a clip barrette with tulle/netting attached
  • Buy inexpensive faux jewelry (faux pearls is a good choice for most brides)
  • Shoes can be dressed up (with appliques, lace, pearls, tulle/netting). You can also use an earring to dress up each shoe. Take wire cutters and cut off part of post or bend post for comfort
  • Take advantage of seasonal item clearance sales(such as X-mas ribbon for a X-mas theme-Can be used to dress up bridesmaids bouquets, etc)
  • Try making your own slip if dress is slightly see-through and you know how to sew
  • Inexpensive pins (brooches) can dress up a plain dress
  • Consider seasonal or wildflowers for a bouquet
  • Tie a ribbon around flowers (such as tulips) for an elegant look
  • Try out different hairstyles until you find one that you can do…and that *you* like

Ceremony and Reception

  • Make your own unity candle with two tapers, a pillar candle and silk flower rings
  • Isle runners can be made of any fabric (can be covered with lace)
  • Dress up pews/chairs with bows, wreaths or fans
  • Bake your own wedding cakes (it doesn’t have to be tiered if you don’t want it to be)
  • Consider foam or paper plates (rather than china)
  • Consider clear plastic utensils (rather than silverware or stainless steel)
  • Consider a “lighter fare” for food (cake and punch reception, tea reception, etc.)
  • Start simple with centerpieces then fill (bowls, baskets, vases, glasses, etc)
  • Make scrolls (paper rolled up and tied with ribbon) for readings, etc
  • Sometimes the most elegant wedding is also the most simple (simple decorations, simple attire, etc)
  • Consider holding the wedding on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday (and *ask* for discounts)


  • Movie Passes (for a movie buff)
  • Theatre Tickets (for the actor/actress or those that enjoy plays)
  • Gift Certificates (book stores, tape & CD stores, clothing stores, favorite restaurant, etc.)
  • Handmade items (handkerchief with recipients name embroidered on it, etc.)
  • Gift basket (toiletries, italian dinner, coffee sampler, etc. – can be made easily)
  • A nicely framed photo of you and the recipient (if a friend of couple, a double frame can be bought)
  • An addition to recipient’s collection (an item that recipient enjoys or collects, etc.)
  • Something you know they need (an alarm clock for friend without, etc)
  • Handwritten letter or poetry (that expresses how you feel about that person)
  • Handmade certificate booklet (baby-sitting in Jan., mowing the lawn in June, etc)
  • A small photo album (with picture of couple and pictures of couple & recipient)
  • Memory Book (very sentimental gift–you write down the memories you have shared over the years)
  • Books (can be anything from a favorite author to a book of quotes about friends)
  • Potted flowers or plants (for the “green thumb” in your wedding party)
  • Board games or cards (for those that enjoy these items)
  • Kits (for the crafter–or supplies for their craft of choice)
  • Mug (can fit their interests in a beer mug or personality with a saying that “fits”)


  • Check out your library for wedding books (etiquette and otherwise) rather than buying them
  • Check out bridal sections of department stores for ideas
  • Consider renting a car other than a limo (Cadillac, sports car, whatever your preference, etc)

Cheap Wedding Ideas


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