People Try New Things To Make Their Weddings Special

People Try New Things To Make Their Weddings Special

If a wedding’s in your future, your “to-do” list is probably growing longer than a cathedral aisle. To help you manage it, Marcy Blum, dubbed by New York Magazine in 1996 as the “best wedding planner in New York,” has co-authored Weddings for Dummies with Laura Fisher Kaiser (IDG Books, $19.99, 390 pages). We asked Blum for some tips.

What’s new in weddings?

For the ceremony, some people strew the aisle with flower petals or have only kids instead of adults in the wedding party. And people are doing unusual things with music — having an opera singer at the ceremony or a gospel chorus for the recessional. At the reception, they have zydeco or a white-tie swing band.

Are weddings getting more extravagant?

Yes, in the sense that people are putting more money into the details — place cards, special flowers and lighting. But they’re also cutting the guest list, which is the first thing to do to reduce costs, so the wedding may end up costing about the same.

Destination weddings,” in a far-off place, are popular. Are they a good idea?

Yes. They easily can be planned in two months, and they’re a good way to pare the guest list. Destination weddings work well for older couples who have a long list of business associates and relatives. They can go to Jamaica and take just 20 couples or 20 of their closest friends.

What are other ways to cut costs?

Instead of a sit-down dinner, do a buffet brunch or cocktail reception. Your guests may enjoy those more, since people say the one thing they don’t like at weddings is being stuck at a table for four hours.

You’re against “bare bones” weddings. Why?

A wedding is a celebration of your commitment to each other and to making a place in each other’s family. You are going to look at the photos for the rest of your life. You don’t want to be saying, I could have spent $10 more and had roses instead of carnations. And even if the wedding is simple, do something that puts your personal stamp on it.


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