Recommended Wedding Books

Recommended Wedding Books

Recommended Wedding Books

Here you’ll find our bridal book recommendations in categories like bridal bargains, wedding cakes, honeymoons, wedding planners, wedding etiquette and wedding flowers. We weeded through the haystack of worthless wedding books to find only the best, so you don’t have to spend hours in bookstores not knowing if the book you are holding is worth anything at all. We got sick of “superstores” claiming they give discounts, so we created this page to link right to amazon. Superstore discounts are usually only hardcover books on the NY Times Bestseller list. These “loss leaders” get you in the door. Then, all the other books like weddings, computer, business, etc., are full cover price. What a scam. Even at “discount” bookstores near you, wedding books are NOT discounted, you pay full price. The books that we review on this page are available at 20-40% off at and we even created links for you right to each specific book for more info and reviews on Amazon. For your convenience, the books reviewed below are sorted by category, like cakes, flowers, honeymoons, etc.

Amazon orders ship in 24 hours, they email you to tell you when they have shipped, and you get them a couple of days later. It’s the only way we buy our wedding books now. Our time is too precious to waste it going to a store that does not have the book we want, then you have to drive back again and wait in line once they have special ordered it. Also, most bookstores are very anemic in their supply of wedding books. Some of the best wedding books out there like the books mentioned here, won’t be at your store and you’ll never know what you missed out on.

Tips When Ordring From Amazon:
When you get to the page for your book on, immediately select “Add To Shopping Cart” BEFORE you venture off to browse through the amazon store so you don’t have to try to find your way back to the book later. You can always take the wedding books out of your shopping cart at any time, just like you’re in a grocery store. But if it’s not in your cart, you now have to try to work backwards to find it, a real pain.

Wedding Bargains

Bridal Bargains: Secrets To Planning A Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget

I love it because they are as irreverent as me and not afraid to warn you of the scams other books ignore or gloss over.

Bridal Bargains: America’s #1 best-selling wedding book! 11th Edition

From the authors of the Bridal Bargains book, this book lists 75 designers, rates designs, dress descriptions, price.

THE $2000 FAIRYTALE WEDDING: Planning your dream wedding on a shoestring budget (Wedding Planning Guides Book 1)

How to plan a wedding with all the trimmings but without all the expenses. Certain to help brides save money and frustration.
Bridal Bargains

Wedding On A Budget: Save your money: Cheapest Way To Have A Wedding


Beautiful Budget Weddings: How to Plan a Fairytale Wedding for Just 000 or Less (Budget Weddings, Wedding Budget, Frugal Wedding, Planning a Wedding … Wedding, Budget Bride, Wedding Planning)

Priceless Weddings For Under $1000
If you can’t afford a standard wedding of $15,000 then you must get this useful book. Priceless Weddings for Under $5,000 covers all aspects of your special day, including strategies for finding the perfect dress, great ideas for what to serve for the reception, sample wedding vows and readings, innovative decorations and invitations. The book lists numerous real life weddings from resourceful couples around the country that were less than $5000, and shows their complete budget breakdowns. There’s also tips on how to find and book great low-cost wedding sites, how to determine a budget, negotiating tips with photographers, florists, DJs, page after page of cost saving ideas and recipes that will have you asking “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s the best resource we’ve seen for saving the most money, and the only one that address the < $10,000 wedding cost.

How To Set Your Wedding To Music
If you’re serious about music for your wedding, the How To Set Your Wedding To Music planner/CD package is a must have. It’s a complete wedding music planning guide showing you how to musically plan every special moment. This spiral bound planner fits in your purse and has chapters with everything you need to know on hiring bands & DJs, contracts, choreographing events, and suggested listings of the most popular and traditional wedding songs in categories from the prelude to the last dance, as well as advice about selecting music. The book also has tons of worksheets to keep you organized every step of the way including song selections for the Prelude, Pre-Processional, Processional, Bride’s Entrance, Ceremony, Unity Candle, Recessional, Interlude/Postlude, Bride & Groom’s Entrance & First Dance, Family Dances, Ethnic Dances, and Cutting the Cake. Sample music programs and budgeting options, useful music and wedding web sites, planning tips. The CD has 18 songs that can be used for your wedding. Some were featured in wedding scenes on the “The Guiding Light” and “Another World”, an instrumental version of Andrea Bocelli’s international hit, “Con Te Partiro” and a nice Celtic version of “The Wedding Song”. There’s other traditional wedding songs in case you’re unfamiliar such as Pachelbel’s Canon In D. The authors have impressive musical credits, having written songs used by many famous stars, and some songs even won Grammies. If you know someone who is getting married, get this as a gift for them as soon as you learn of their wedding plans. You’ll be their hero.


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