Ring Bearer Pillows

Ring Bearer Pillows

Out with the same old white satin pillow and in with the bold new looks. Stay on top of the latest pillow fashions with these ideas.

  • Add some color! Be bold! Use a rich looking color like burgundy or emerald green. These colors will look great in wedding photographs, as well as adding some unexpected color.
  • If you are stuck on having a white pillow, consider one with lots of detail. Heavy, rich looking embroidery is in. Make this fashion statement without being too daring.
  • Use an antique. Do you have a family heirloom that can hold rings? It doesn’t need to be a jewelry box, just something that can hold your rings, even a nice tray will work. If the heirloom is in the shape of a box place you can fill it with flowers or a nice fabric.
  • Make one. Can’t find that perfect ring bearer pillow? Try creating one out of a bed of roses. Find a simple box and have your florist place flowers in creating a “bed” for the rings. This is a beautiful arrangement and an easy way to add a unique touch to your wedding.
  • Don’t have a ring bearer in your wedding? You can buy or make a small pouch (something pretty and see through would work nicely) to place the rings in. Again, don’t be afraid to use color here.

Now that you have the latest trends in pillows, you have no excuse. Don’t be afraid to use something out of the ordinary. Chances are, it will look great, not to mention unique.


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