Thank Heaven for Flower Girls

Thank Heaven for Flower Girls

If the bride has to share her wedding day, the only one to share it with is the flower girl. This little one will have all eyes on her, at least until the bride walks down the aisle. Here are some tips to keep the little one happy, while giving you some ideas.

While the traditional role of the flower girl is carrying a basket full of petals and tossing them as she walked down the aisle just before the bride, they have also been seen just holding a small bouquet. The age range of the flower girl can be 4-9.

Depending on the age of the girl, you may want to couple the girl up with a fellow flower girl or the ring bearer. This will give her confidence that may otherwise cause the little one to stop or refuse to walk down the aisle. Having the parents at the end of the aisle encouraging the child is also helpful. This way the girl will be walking toward something and receiving assuring smiles from her parents.

Although the dress does not have to be the exact duplicate of the wedding gown, it should be similar. If you have a long dress, so should your flower girl. Also be sure to keep the style similar. Another thing to keep in mind is that the dress should be comfortable. Remind the parents to have the flower girl to break in her new shoes. You want to make the flower girl looks as cute as possible, but comfort is definitely key.

Have more than one little girl you want to include in your wedding? In addition to having two flower girls, you can also include other children by having them pass out bird seed or bubbles to guests. This will be a very cute addition. They can even greet guests as they arrive, depending on their ages of course. Dressing them in the same dress style and/or color will make them feel like part of the wedding party, and might be a cute addition.

Weeks before the wedding, depending on the age of the child, be sure to show the flower girl exactly what she needs to do. If she is young, explain how important her role is. Be sure to have her family reinforce this, without making her nervous. You may also want to make the role seem very special and make a day out of finding the dress. Practice is definitely important. She should attend the rehearsal and practice walking down the aisle a few times to keep familiarize her with the exact procedure.

Even if it the flower girl doesn’t walk down the aisle throwing the petals exactly the way you would have liked, just remember that sometimes the personality kicks in and you have to be understanding. If she is a little shy be sure to ask her parents to assist her if she looks like she is getting too nervous.


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