Tips For The Groom

Tips For The Groom

Tips For The Groom

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Groom Tips
Know your Best Man:

The best man at the wedding shouldn’t be the one who will throw the best bachelor party, there are a lot of other responsibilities that come with this honor. For one, he has to ensure that the groom keeps his cool before the ceremony and make sure he is there on time. The best man also needs to make a speech at the reception. Don’t pick someone who is known for drinking one too many and saying the first thing that comes to mind. The best man is also in charge of the rings. So keep a handle on who you choose for this post in your wedding.

The Bride: Tips For The Groom

Although the bride is usually the one in charge of the wedding, it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and watch. If there is something particular you want to be included or excluded in your wedding be sure to tell her. Women are not mind readers, although we may appear to have the ability to do so on some occasions. Assist and support the bride where she needs it. See and offer your assistance, she will definitely appreciate it.

Keep the Peace: Tips For The Groom

Weddings are very stressful, not only on the bride but on the families. Keep this in mind and have some funny stories on the tip of your tongue and be ready to switch subjects if the time arises. Keep the conversations light and if you see some any sort of fuss starting try to extinguish the fire before you have to call 911.

The Tux: Tips For The Groom

Have the tux ordered for you a few months in advance. Be sure to go with a reputable store to ensure that your tuxedo will be there and be in good condition. Some stores may not have the exact type you might want or may not have your size and need to order it. To avoid any mishaps plan in advance. Also be sure to pick up the tux at least 3 days in advance to make sure you have all of it and it fits. Try it on in the store to be sure.

Ready, Set, Get Dressed: Tips For The Groom

The grooms outfit should be ready and waiting. Don’t wait until the last minute to iron a shirt or try on your shoes for the first time. An extra shirt should be available on stand by for those extra warm moments and for any spills.

Cleaning up: Tips For The Groom

If you have a trustworthy barber go to him a day or two before the wedding. Otherwise try someone new out a month in advance. There is no going back on wedding photos so nothing drastic grooms to be!

Tips For The Groom


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