Top 10 Perfect Places for a Marriage Proposal

Top 10 Perfect Places for a Marriage Proposal

Twice a year the number of marriage proposals spikes: During December holidays, and again on Valentine’s Day.

After falling in love and buying an engagement ring, finding a perfect place to make a proposal is key to getting an answer one wants.

You’re likely to remember forever where you were when you decided to share a life together. So choose a spot that’s pretty, private, and not too far from home since you’ll want to share the news with everyone fast!

Throughout the world there are many wonderfully romantic places to ask, “Will you marry me?” These are some of the most unforgettable.

Exceptional Proposal Ideas

1. Marriage Proposal in a Garden

Adam and Eve got their start in the Garden of Eden, and so can you. The combination of a bucolic setting and air scented with flowers makes for a peaceful yet intoxicating place to propose marriage. Take a walk to a private spot and take the plunge. Picture: Callaway Gardens in Georgia.

2. Marriage Proposal in a Winery

Speaking of intoxicating, a glass of wine can calm nerves before a proposal of marriage. Most wineries feature scenic locations where a couple can find a private place to agree to live their lives together as a married couple.

3. Marriage Proposal on a Mountaintop

Love can take you higher. Like to hike? Whether you scale New York State’s Catskills or C-1 together, the invigorating experience will get your heart pumping and your cheeks flushed… same as being in love. Tip: Non-hikers can attain the same peak experience by riding a ski-resort gondola to the summit in summer. However you get there, the view will be romantic and exhilarating, the perfect setting for a wedding proposal.

4. Marriage Proposal on the Beach

Barely dressed at the beach, kissed by the sun as well as your significant other, that’s the setting for a marriage proposal that will be a sexy, sultry experience. Want to make it absolutely unforgettable? Arrive at the beach first, and build a sand castle that symbolizes your intention. It could be in the shape of a larger-than-life wedding ring or even a multi-tiered wedding cake.

5. Marriage Proposal at the Zoo

Birds do it. Bees do it. And just about every other species on earth does it, too: Pair off and mate. Follow your biological imperative and propose marriage at the local zoo or animal park. Just don’t do it in front of the monkeys or hyenas. This is a serious proposal!
6. Marriage Proposal in the Back of a Limousine

Rent a limo for a few hours and direct the driver to take the two of you past locations that have been meaningful in your relationship. When the limo comes to a stop at your pre-arranged spot, pop the question. If the answer is yes, go ahead and pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne, too.

7. Marriage Proposal at a World-Famous Landmark

Whether it’s in Golden Gate Park, beside Westminster Cathedral, or at Nathan’s in Coney Island, the place where a marriage proposal is made will never be forgotten. So choose a memorable setting — even though once the proposal is made, it’s likely everything else will fade away until it’s just the two of you, hugging and kissing and contemplating your future together.

8. Marriage Proposal in a Revolving Restaurant

Revolving restaurants appeal to romantics. Perhaps it’s because we’re already a bit dizzy with love — and the turning of the restaurant somehow re-balances our sense of equilibrium. Whatever the case, the combination of the altitude and the movement can put you just enough off balance to issue a proposal of marriage. Concerned that you might get a bit queasy? Choose a fine dining restaurant on the ground to bring up the topic of a potential wedding.

9. Marriage Proposal atop the Empire State Building

There’s something about looking down from a great height as you ponder your future together after a marriage proposal… lofty dreams for a life together, perhaps. If you saw Sleepless in Seattle, you’ve seen how intoxicating it can be to stand 102 floors above ground and pledge yourselves to one another.

New York City’s iconic Empire State Building isn’t quite as romantic as they show in the movies — they get all kinds here — but it’s still a place with an unforgettable view.

10. Marriage Proposal atop the Eiffel Tower

No city in the world is more romantic than Paris, and no place is more perfect for a proposal than inside the Eiffel Tower that overlooks it. Go at sunset and stay until the city is ablaze in light in every direction. Call one of the tower’s two restaurants in advance for a reservation, and be dazzled.

Can’t get to Paris? The Paris Las Vegas casino resort has a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower and a restaurant at the top as well. And since marriage is a gamble that takes a bit of luck, this seems a perfect place as well.

Ultimately, though, it’s not where you say the words; it’s the promise you make.


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