Wedding Bride – Can Your Beauty Style Reflect Your Personality?

Wedding Bride – Can Your Beauty Style Reflect Your Personality?

Wedding Bride

Q: Can Your Beauty Style Reflect Your Personality?
A: Yes, your personality can definitely reflect in your bridal-beauty style — you just have to figure out what your style is. Take a moment to discover your personality type and corresponding beauty style, and you’ll be privy to personalized tips throughout the site, tailored to your fabulous individual fashion. Be the Wedding Bride that you were meant to be.

Who Are You? — The Classic Wedding Bride

Your Style: Rarely trendy and always appropriate, you achieve your flawless image by concentrating on the basics. After all, they’re all you need since you’ve treated yourself to a life-long beauty routine of tried-and-true classics. The result? A perfectly radiant and timeless look, of course.

Your Faves: Since you like everything organized, your makeup bag is always compact, containing beautiful basics from established brands: a compact, a couple of lipsticks, and a multiple for dewy cheeks and glowing eyes. What is luxury for some is everyday to the classic bride – facials, manicures, and pedicures are necessities, not indulgences. You expect the best — from life, from him, and from your beauty products, which is why you gravitate towards luxe, well-known soaps, cleansers, and cosmetics that have been around for decades. Timeless fragrances and quality hair care products that leave you looking and smelling your very best are not only favorites, but also essential elements of your subtle style.

Your Wedding Day Look: For your elegant wedding day, begin with a light-reflecting foundation that’s sheer and oil-free with just a dusting of loose powder to set off your skin to perfection. For that extra lift, apply a sheer cheek gel so the color looks as if it’s coming through you, as opposed to sitting on top of your skin. As for eye makeup, easy does it — a taupe liner close to your lashes and a slick of black mascara so no one can tell if you’re wearing makeup or not. Top off your look with a coat of gloss over lips lined and filled with a subtle lip pencil, so your lips are softly shaded and completely kissable all day long. Whether you wear your hair straight down, or in a classic chignon, your crowning glory will exude that sophisticated look. Elegance is your trademark — as is the faint, intoxicating scent of the fragrance you wear everyday.

Who Are You? — The Retro Wedding Bride

Your Style: What’s old is new again — a motto you thrive by. After all, why would you sport something new and mass-produced when you can find a one-of-kind in a cool vintage shop? Half the fun is the hunting anyway! You probably have your favorite era and style, whether its 1920’s flapper, mod ’60s, or all-out rockabilly, and you live by old-fashioned beauty staples, too. If it ain’t broke, who are you to fix it?

Your Faves: Soap and water kept Grandma’s skin flawless, so you are one with the cleansing bar and you look mighty fine if you say so yourself. Since your philosophy is you can never own too many red lipsticks, you’re surprised that everyone else is just learning that red lips are the quickest and simplest way to instant glamour. And you’re nobody’s fool: You keep your dry cleaner costs down by making sure your lip color is always color-stay, so it doesn’t rub off on those one-of-a-kind threads.

Your Wedding Day Look: Always ahead of the curve because you are constantly in-tune with the best of the past, you are so one-of-a-kind that you’ll be customizing your own foundation, just like that vintage wedding dress you scored and are having altered to your exact specifications. Harkening back to the days when women were women, your signature look include will include stunning red lips and vamped up eyes, compliments of those clever false eyelashes and fab liquid liner. For the ‘mane’ event, consider a do from an icon of a bygone era, and make it a reality by not being shy with the hair products – they’ll help sculpt that retro look of yours. Top it all off with a strong, classic fragrance from the era, like Chanel No. 5, White Shoulders, or Shalimar.

Who Are You? — The Natural Wedding Bride

Your Style: Nothing could interest you more than the adventure of the great outdoors and figuring out which mountain trail will get you to the summit. By the same token, nothing could interest you less than figuring out how to apply lip liner with a brush, and blotting with a tissue before starting the whole process over again (are we having fun yet?). In fact, the biggest concession you want to make on your wedding day in terms of beauty is to buy a rose-tinted lip balm for your ski lift-chapped lips.

Your Faves: Just because you’re not into artificial beauty enhancers, it doesn’t mean you don’t have some organic favorites and natural remedies up your sleeve – after all, even the most natural of girls sometimes need help achieving that fresh-scrubbed glow. For instance, you’re apt to lean towards a mild, natural cleansing bar packed with good-for-you things like soy or chamomile to keep your complexion calm and naturally pretty, and a mash of strawberries with bananas and honey for a quick at-home mask that leaves your face feeling and looking fresh. After a long day of hiking or swimming, you’ll pamper your bod with aloe vera gel, after a soak in a lavender-filled tub. For special evenings out, you’ve been known to dab a touch of vanilla-scented cologne on your wrists to totally win him over. Why? Because you know down-to-earth and relaxed doesn’t have to mean dull.

Your Wedding Day Look: Rather than worry about your look for your wedding day, you prefer to indulge yourself in pampering treatments. Try a mild facial scrub with papaya enzymes and walnut shells to get your glowing. Since your idea of heaven is relaxing lavender crystals, add a scoop to your bubble bath for a calming effect. And don’t discount makeup altogether – we know you don’t wear it everyday, but your wedding isn’t an everyday occasion. A light, well-blended foundation will give you a polished complexion without making you look too ‘done,’ and a gel-based cheek tint will make you look as if you’ve spent the day hiking the mountains or windsurfing the ocean. For your eyes, one coat of waterproof mascara will take but a moment to apply, and besides, it will help you look terrific in front of the camera with natural light. Hair gels and sprays? We know, how unnatural. Keep your tousled look but give your hair some shine with a conditioning treatment of blended herbs and flower extracts. A scent to remember? A sweet-smelling floral or citrus to complement the outdoors you love. Naturally.

Who Are You? — The Romantic Wedding Bride

Your Style: Flowy, abundant, and ethereal, your style is romantic right down to the lovely lace blouses that define your everyday look. Puffed sleeves, empire-waist dresses, tulle, and chiffon are all staples in your wardrobe, plus soft, simple frocks that will see you through every romantic fantasy you can dream up. Your hair is often down, so your abundant curls or long straight hair can flow in the wind, and your locks are always, always soft and touchable.

Your Faves: Since you love to travel to romantic places, you’re partial to body tints and creams that smell of coconut oil or summer gardenias – anything that evokes the romance of where you’ve traveled. If you’re blonde, you prefer a coral color wash; if brunette, you favor a bronzer fluffed on with a big soft brush. Either way, you love a lipstick with an overlay of pink gloss to set off your skin tone. You swoon over floral-scented skin and hair products, and lust for luxurious textures.

Your Wedding Day Look: For the most romantic day of your life, you want your look to match. Go for dewy skin, huge eyes, and a delicate pout. For your hair, consider a loose updo secured with a jewel-encrusted barrette (preferably an antique or heirloom of course), with soft falling tendrils gently framing your face. Or, should you decide to really romance your groom, go for long tousled curls for that super-feminine, “I –am –your –princess” look. For fragrance, stick to the scents you love like a simple and soft vanilla with a touch of jasmine — just like that candle you keep next to your bed for a warm amber-lit room.

Who Are You? — The Red Carpet Wedding Bride

Your Style: You can’t help yourself. Every time you put on another dress, a completely different side of your personality emerges, ready to be captured by the glitterati. Always ready for your next close-up, you love the glam look right down to that glitter-filled powder puff you pat all over your body. You crave style. Thrive on drama. Desire impact. Heck, you don’t imitate celebrity looks — you cultivate them.

Your Faves: Absorbing inspiration from your favorite leading ladies, you tout the latest celebrity-endorsed (or used) beauty and skincare products. If it’s ultra-trendy and hip, and you’ve seen a celeb sporting it or doing it in the most current celebrity weekly, you’re all over it. And like the celebrity mags that usually provide you with the 411, your favorite products and brands change as often as the magazine’s content. But how else is a girl expected to find her favorites? Never predictable, you’ll sport diamond-adorned false lashes one day, a lovely new fragrance the next, winding down your week at the latest “it” spa or salon, where you’ll try everything from the latest sunless tanning fad to the best extensions money can buy.

Your Wedding Day Look: No need to be shy — on your wedding day, you’ll look great in a “look at me” high-gloss lipstick containing essential pucker-plumping ingredients, not to mention a layer of that liquid eyeliner you love — the one in jet-black or indigo. You know it’s indulgent, but you only plan to marry once and you insist on those individual false eyelashes under your veil to turn up the volume on the windows to your soul – maybe even those ones Madonna sported with the diamonds. Even though you change your hair color every five minutes, for your wedding day you’ll commit to contrasting highlights and to going only two shades deeper. If your hair is shorter than you like, simply flaunt the latest extensions like the star you are. Your fragrance is spicy — no subtlety here — just full blown drama. The only question is if it should be Britney’s or SJP’s.

Who Are You? — The Rebel Wedding Bride

Your Style: Never one to follow rules, your style is a direct reflection of your untraditional lifestyle. Pretty much whatever the masses are doing, you’re doing the opposite. Your ironic and never-by-the-books approach to life and style may include punky ponytails one day and a mod beehive the next. There’s no keeping tabs on you because your style is constantly changing and evolving.

Your Faves: As you’re no stranger to late nights and parties, your faves include truly restorative skin care products and those that fabulously hide a multitude of sins. You’ll most likely apply powder liner as close to your lashes as possible, smudging it for that smoky look or opt for blue eyeliner just to be ironic. Your philosophy of life applies to your eye makeup as well: Why wear taupe or gray when there are so many purples and fuchsias to be discovered? Even though you have delicate lashes, you always curl them with, count them, not one, not two, but three layers of mascara to give you that extraordinarily can’t-forget-me look.

Your Wedding Day Look: Since you’re going to want to party with all of your friends and family, use an eye-concealer treatment with marine extract so no one will know you hardly slept the night before. And if you’re having so much fun the puffiness won’t go down? Try white eyeliner — it cancels out red eyes and makes them look bigger, too. Your mantra is “So much hair, so little time,” so we know your tresses go through several incarnations a year and you like to flaunt cutting-edge hues… but please (we’re begging you), take heed. Choose something you’ll be able to smile about when you’re gazing at those wedding photos in 30 years. Custom-blended musky scents are what keep you and your boy smiling, so dab some on for the big day. And one hot tip: Since you’re so on the go, make sure you use a tonic to refresh your skin and plenty of eye drops to take the red out.

No matter your style, personality, or expectations, you will make a beautiful wedding bride. It’s your big day, just remember that, make it your own.


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