Wedding Coordinator Pros and Cons

Wedding Coordinator Pros and Cons

Will a wedding coordinator make my wedding elegant, or will that just skyrocket the cost?

We will be having our reception at a friend’s home in their backyard. I would love to make the whole thing very beautiful with the key word “elegant” attached. I was visioning tents (since we’re in Seattle) covering the dance floor, food, and tables. Do we need a wedding coordinator to make the whole thing elegant, or will that just skyrocket the cost? If you have any advice on how to find a coordinator, that would be helpful too.

A good coordinator (or consultant/planner) will be familiar with the vendors in your area…and will also know which ones offer their services for a lower price. On the other hand, if you’re willing to do a little bit of work, you’ll be able to compare costs (and quality) on your own.

Will a wedding coordinator be an unnecessary expense?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for someone who will orchestrate the bulk of your wedding by: contacting vendors, searching for the lowest prices, helping with decorating ideas, etc…a coordinator may be the right choice for you. While hiring a coordinator often adds to your costs…when you put on emphasis on your coordinator finding the best value for your money, it often evens out. If you’re simply looking for a person to help with the tents and only the tents…you’ll have to decide whether the price of a coordinator is worth paying for the service they provide.

Many couples that hire a wedding coordinator do so because they don’t want to worry about the details and stress that comes from planning a wedding. A coordinator can often ease these stresses for couples that may have other obligations (such as work, school, etc.). Whether or not *you* need a coordinator is a very personal decision…and one that shouldn’t be made lightly.

You can do all of the planning yourself if you’d like…and it’s often the most economical way to go. If you choose to go this route…organization is an important factor. For more on organization you can visit the “Wedding Dollars and Sense” question concerning keeping wedding costs under $5,000.

If you decide on this option…you can often find tents from rental companies in your phone book under “Wedding Supplies and Services”, “Rental Services” and “Rentals”.

Another important factor is being able to get a “feel” for vendors and the services they offer…which is why I recommend something such as the vendor list which I routinely give to all family members and friends getting married. This same list can be applied to coordinators, and on the page you can find information that will show you what to look for and avoid in a wedding coordinator.

If you decide that a coordinator is for you…my first piece of advice in finding one–would be to ask friends/family if they have any recommendations. Friends and/or family can be a great source…especially when they’re willing to give you advice on the good and bad points of particular vendors.

Another option in finding a coordinator is to ask other vendors that you’ve hired (florists, videographers, etc) if they have any recommendations to make…these vendors often have contacts (especially if their services are wedding oriented) with other vendors in the wedding industry business.

You can also check the Wedding Central-Service Listing, which is searchable by state to see if your area is represented. Your local phone book can provide you with other choices…and wedding coordinators are often listed under “Wedding Consultants”, “Bridal Consultants” or “Consultants”.

No matter how you initially find a vendor…it’s always a good idea to discuss their policies over the phone before you decide on a face-to-face meeting. This is where that vendor list comes in handy as it gives you a starting point for finding out how comfortable you’ll feel about the vendor where your wedding is concerned. You can also use the list (again) after the first meeting in order to make sure your first impression was correct. A coordinator should be helpful and friendly as well as willing to help you with areas of weddings in which you are unsure of.

Only you can make the decision of hiring a wedding coordinator, but I hope I’ve given you some helpful suggestions that will help make your choice an easier one.

Are you ready to find your “Wedding Coordinator”?


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