Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Simple yet awesome decoration ideas for a wedding

User Submitted Question: I am from Singapore and I desperately need wedding decoration ideas. I am having a wedding ceremony at my church, followed by a reception at my church’s multi-purpose hall (MPH). I need simple yet awesome wedding decoration ideas to bring out the holiness & beauty of a wedding matrimony. My church has very dull colors chairs & carpet in the sanctuary and not much furnishing in the MPH. Is there any low cost ways to make the church look heavenly to grace the wedding ceremony? One of my wedding decoration ideas is to have flowers along the path to welcome the guest into the church and to have flower balls (white) hanging on the ceiling. What do you think?

Answer: I think you are on the right track in considering the color white. Not only does white brighten a room, but it also can soften a room. Other colors that would work well to make a room look heavenly (and soft) are pastels such as ice pink, baby blue and creamy yellow. The effect of using colors such as these will be a simple, elegant and understated look.

I love your wedding decoration ideas of using hanging flower balls and think this would help to brighten the drab room. Another option is to find cotton or muslin fabrics or ribbons to decorate the room. A simple bow of white on the chairs or pews (whatever your case may be) will help you to achieve the look you are after. If you add pastel shades of baby’s breath or small flowers (silk or real) you will also add a slight dimension of color.

By adding inexpensive fabric to the walls, you will also help to brighten the room and add to the heavenly feeling. One suggestion that comes to mind is to take ½ or 1 yard lengths and tack them on the wall (about halfway up the wall) every so often. After this is accomplished, you could pleat the centers and tie off with a beautiful bow. In the area where you want the most attention focused, you could increase the length off the fabric to “frame” the area in which the ceremony will take place.

Another suggestion is an aisle runner. A white (or white on white) aisle runner will brighten up the look of the carpeting and accentuate the other decorations as well. Good luck with your wedding, and have fun with your wedding decoration ideas.


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