Wedding Decoration Tips

Wedding Decoration Tips

Wedding Decoration Tips

General Tips on Wedding Decorations

Our wedding will be held in a golf club. Our wedding ceremony will be outdoors and our reception indoors. We want a country garden wedding and some of the items we thought of using are tulle and wicker but not sure how. with a budget of $5-6K, can you give us some wedding decoration tips on decorations, etc.?

The first idea that comes to mind is rental of a garden arch…it’s even better if the site includes one in their costs. Garden arches give the “gazebo” look but are much cheaper to rent. You can decorate these in a number of ways. If there’s an electrical outlet nearby you can use white christmas lights “circled” around the arch, then cover the “bare” spots with tulle/netting and white silk flowers. This idea would be beautiful for a wedding that’s either held at night or in the fading light of the day.

Another option is to cover with (inexpensive-$1 a bunch) silk flowers…to save even more money on something like this you could cover only the front as your guests probably won’t see the back of the arch. They aren’t likely to see the arch close up either…which is why inexpensive silk flowers will look just as good as the expensive ones. Another easier, but slightly more expensive idea would be to use the long “strands” of flowers instead of the “bunches”.

Check your local thrift shop or dollar store for wicker baskets. You can often find them in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also find them in craft stores, though they will be pricier.

Fresh or silk flowers would look gorgeous in a wicker basket “lined” with tulle. Another option would be to wrap tulle around the handle of a wicker basket…leaving enough fabric on both ends to finish off with two tulle bows at the base of the handles. The basket could then hold either flowers or favors.

Another idea would be to “bunch” tulle around the bottom of a basket (or open wicker box)that holds flowers of your choice or favors. If you used silver glitter sprinkled on top of the tulle, the effect would be even more stunning. A white or silver candle (taper or larger) could nestle among flowers in an open (no lid) wicker basket and would also catch the reflection of the glitter.

Another item I often see in wicker are those miniature wicker chairs. These could be used as well. An idea that comes to mind with these is a miniature terra cotta pot (painted white or to match wedding colors) tied with a tulle bow and containing flowers or favors. The pot would rest on the chair…which could also be decorated (with tulle or ribbon to suit your tastes). A wicker bird cage (decorated with flowers and tulle) would also be a beautiful idea. Lace looks very pretty when combined with tulle…and might be something to consider. I used a painted wicker basket for our flower girl basket. This would fit into your theme and can be found on my wedding budget page I used lace, but you could easily replace it with tulle.

Just out of curiosity I searched the web for “tulle” and “baskets”. I was surprised to find that Michaels craft stores has a nice selection. The site is searchable and looks as if it’s shaping up to be a great craft ideas resource. If your’e interested in craft ideas for your wedding…check this page out. They even have full color pictures!

Wedding Decoration Tips

These ideas should get you started. Check your local crafts store for other wedding decoration ideas as well as other wicker products you could use…and you’ll surely find plenty more wedding decoration tips than I’ve presented here.


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