Wedding Decoration Trends

Wedding Decoration Trends

Wedding Decoration Trends

Now, more than ever, busy bridal customers are not only looking for a variety of products, they want wedding advice and guidance for making their special day one they and their guests will remember for many years to come. It’s up to you to know the wedding market, keep one eye peeled on decorating trends, and the other focused on your customers’ personal needs.

Not an easy task but, if handled correctly, you’re bound to reap the rewards in terms of credibility and inventory purchase decisions. To help you stay in tune with current wedding affairs, we’ve surveyed some of the top bridal consultants in the nation for their input. Here’s their read on what to look out for in the coming calendar year for Wedding Decoration:

  • The focus for weddings is creative individuality, envision an event that is rooted in tradition, cultural diversity, and overflowing with personal touches to set the entire event apart. “Couples want a day that is uniquely theirs…,” says accredited wedding consultant, Amy Fortgang, Remember, Inc., New York, NY.
  • Retailers should pay strict attention to fashion colors which invariable trickles down to the entire color motif of the reception. Depending on the time of year, you can expect to see bridesmaids wearing soft pinks, mint greens, pale blues, and ivories. The hottest color choices include chocolate, eggplant, navy, and lemon yellow. For the groom – color is out and basic-black formal wear reigns supreme once again.

Wedding Trends:

  • More and more couples are sharing the responsibilities of shopping for their affair, probably due to the demands of jobs and careers, and parents of the bride sometimes living in another state. Retailers should anticipate working with both the bride-and-groom to plan their wedding.
  • Besides the bridal books, guest books, photographs and videos that help record those special memories, couples are getting into preserving the entire affair in time capsules. According to Frank J. Andonoplas, accredited professional bridal consultant and owner, Bridal Consulting and Event Planning by Frank, Chicago, IL, time capsules are quite hot. “Couples can create a wedding time capsule, with notes to the bride and groom, later adding wedding memorabilia (napkins, invites, responses, favor samples, etc.) to open on their 10th or 25th wedding anniversary and reminisce.”
  • “Invitations are a preview of the general wedding theme and style,” says Helen Louie, Mother of the Bride. Couples are finally realizing that the invitation sets the tone of their wedding and they are spending more time on this decision.
  • Invitation designs are traditional yet distinctive, with gold, white, black and ivory being the colors of choice. Brides are choosing simple, but elegant – classically understated styles. Stationery invitations with an overlay of vellum or elegant bow or fabric swatch continue to be in demand. Calligraphy and envelope seals are popular. Continue to offer a choice selection of hand-made invitations for small, more intimate affairs, as well as specialty papers and imprintables for in-store imprinting.
  • Suggest brides include confetti (paper or metallic) or pressed rose petals within each wedding invitation as a surprise.
  • Pop-Up informal invitations for everything from the engagement party to the bridal showers; Save the Date cards serve to remind scattered friends and families to ensure their attendance; Larger, square, blank note cards are doubling as thank-you notes requested by the groom who is now getting more involved in sending out his fair share of personal thank-you notes.

Wedding ceremonies are increasingly being held at the same location as the reception, saving travel time and lost guests. The couple may look to their ethnic or cultural background, or to their lifestyle, for inspiration to make their event unlike any other wedding they may have seen. Readings are not always sacred texts, but sometimes special passages or poems to the couple. Share the Joy! The rings are passed to the guests in turn, wrapped in tulle, with the minister or presider asking everyone to hold the rings and make a wish for the couple.

Trends: Look to see more blending of traditions from the couple’s faiths as well as other denominations to create a singular ceremony. Couples are writing their own vows and, increasingly, the entire ceremony. As guests arrive at the ceremony, look to see the central aisle roped off, with guests using side aisles to enter a row, ensuring that early arrivals are on the aisle, not at the end of the row. Instead of a receiving line, couples “release” rows as they depart, creating intimacy and focused attention on each guest during the immediate moments after the ceremony, saving time. Ring bearers are sometimes carrying beautifully covered ring boxes atop satin pillows. While flower girls are actually handing flowers to guests, as well as scattering petals before the bride.

In some areas throwing rice is discouraged and has been replaced by using birdseed wrapped in tulle and ribbon. Other trends include using little bottles of wedding bubbles, which are distributed by the flower girl and ring bearers to the awaiting crowd.

Wedding Decoration Trends: Wedding Receptions come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the weather and locale, indoor and outdoors, are equally popular. So a party retailer offering wedding rentals is well advised to supply a selection of different sized tents and canopies. Dance floors are also a must since music, especially provided by the DJ is still the norm. Many receptions are quite lavish featuring a variety of wedding decoration – especially when the reception is themed. The key is to have everything coordinated and personalized. By and large, menus offer guest choice of up to four entrees. However, tastes vary and depend on the region of the country you’re in. “Southern receptions are less likely to include full course dinners, deferring to light or heavy hors d’oeuvres and giving the celebration a kind of free-style party atmosphere,” says Karen C. DeKay, accredited professional bridal consultant, and host of Wedding Talk with Karen DeKay, in Daphne, AL. Usual wedding tradition such as throwing the garter or the bouquet are rapidly vanishing and are slowly being replaced with ethnic traditions such as “Jumping the Broom” in the case of African-American weddings.

Wedding Favors continue to grow in popularity. While classic favors, such as almonds wrapped in tulle, are always a welcome addition to the reception table, couples want favors that might reflect a bit about themselves: When approached for ideas, it’s best to find out about the couple to get creative juices flowing. Ask questions such as: “What brought you together in the first place?” Did they meet playing racquetball? Use that information to create a unique favor such as volleyball key chains personalized with the couples’ name and wedding date.

“We often spend a lot of time researching for favors,” says Nichole McCammon-Link, professional bridal consultant, Exquisite Event Planning, Dublin, OH. “The couple want something that no other wedding has done before – or something they have never seen before.”

Wedding Decoration Trends: Favors are not only being used as mementos, they are also now being employed as an intricate part of the table wedding decoration. This includes favors that double as place cards such as wedding flames and chocolate boxes wrapped with ribbon personalized with the guest’s name. Couples who marry around the holidays might want to include a CD personalized with the couples name and special date. If there is a “theme” to the wedding, of course, the favor must reflect the theme, as well.

Wedding Photographs are more candid, almost cinema verite. Formal posing is fading in favor of a few classic stances, with the rest telling the story as a photojournalist would. That’s good news for those party retailers selling photo albums. Some couples leave cameras on the reception table and fill their albums with the results. Other retailers are renting out bubble machines for wedding receptions because the couples want the fantasy of bubbles in their photos.

Trends: Black-and-white photos are becoming the pictures of choice for many couples lending a bit more drama to the album. To either complement or replace the guest book idea, some couples are opting for guests to sign an enlarged photo of the couple. This color photo often features a wide-matte border to accommodate lots of signatures.

Wedding Decoration: Balloon sculptures are very big across the country. Gold and silver metallics join the latex lineup of rich jewel tones, which act as accents to the soft fashion pales. The more elaborate the balloon design, the better. Brides are using balloons for everything from centerpiece arrangements to party favor embellishments. Some brides like the fact that balloons can be made with flowers (fresh, dried, or artificial) and candles for a totally unique look.

Guest Books continue to allure brides-and-grooms across the nation. However, couples are favoring tapestry or fabric-covered albums, instead of leather or synthetic coverings. To make the book as complete as possible and to fill up any blank pages, creative brides, taking their cue from the popular scrapbooking idea, are placing candid photos of reception guests into the guest book – often right alongside the guest’s well-wishes.

Wedding Cakes are also dramatic, with the style and color coordinating with that of the wedding. Couples are going for variety in their cakes as well, asking for each tier or layer to have a different filling to accommodate all guests.

Small individual cakes, or the main cake, cut and boxed for each guest. The couple cake toppers remain popular, further customized to replicate the bride’s dress, veil, or hat. Look for family heirloom quality toppers to take the cake this year.

Trend: Behind the cake table itself, couples are asking for painted scenery backdrops to further establish their wedding’s theme.

Related Parties are more popular than ever, giving party retailers the chance for your products and services to have increased visibility with guests of engagement parties, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners. While these pre-nuptial celebrations are not the main event, they should be handled with a much creative flair as the wedding itself.

Trends: Bridal showers are becoming coed events, less about honeymoon lingerie and more about helping a couple create a home together. To keep things lively, themed showers are popular which can include: “Around the Clock” (guests are given a specific time of day the girl would be used); or alphabet (guests are assigned a letter and must provide a gift that starts with that letter.) Stag parties for both men and women are losing favor. Rehearsal Dinners are moving towards casual events in form of clam bakes, barbecues, and pizza parties.

Finally, all the professionals surveyed agreed with Mary Kelley, director of retail services for the Association of Bridal Consultants and owner of Wyoming Events who stressed the importance of staying in touch with prospective and buying customers, referring customers and even cooperative vendors by sending them a little something to say ‘thank-you’. As with anything else, it’s not the quantity of service the customer receives that matters most, it’s the quality. The success of your wedding business and your retail operation, in general, rests on one thing: details. When you pay attention to them – you have no choice but to succeed at Wedding Decoration and more.


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