Wedding Ideas – Do it Yourself

Wedding Ideas – Do it Yourself

Wedding Ideas

Ar you looking for Wedding Ideas to keep the cost of your wedding down? Do you even know what the average cost for a wedding is? Bride’s Magazine has released The Number, and it’s big enough to send loan officers cartwheeling down the street yelling yahoo.

It’s $28,427, and the tulle-festooned folks at Bride’s say it was the average cost for a wedding in 2012.

That made us wonder who these average couples were. So we invited our average readers to tell us how much they spent on their weddings.

We don’t want the editors at Bride’s to choke on their fondant icing, but here at, people know how to build a lasting marriage on a wedding that costs $500 to $10,000.

We thought that we would share some wedding ideas with the Bride’s mavens, knowing that they might like to know how a couple can start their life together with a wedding for $500 or less.

Of course, it helps if the mother of the bride, a relative, or close family friend is a baker and an expert seamstress.

“We made the cake ourselves and made the dress ourselves, and the veil and the bouquets, just like I did at my wedding,” Anderson-Clements said of her daughter’s wedding. “We had the reception at their apartment because it was large enough.”

The bill for the wedding, which had a light buffet, cake and sparkling grape juice for 60 guests, was $511 – including the $51 license.

She figured she spent $65 on the lace and satin for the simple but elegant wedding dress.

“If you have somebody who sews in the family and they’re willing to do it, ask if that could be their wedding gift to you,” she advised.

She found a good sale on cake mix and constructed the two-tier confection for $18. She said it took her four hours. We tipped over in our swivel chair.

She and her daughter made the invitations out of pretty paper, beads and satin they had on hand, and they delivered them in person.

They mustered the whole family into an assembly line and put together the meat, cheese, bread and veggie platters in about two hours. They also served lasagna and meatballs in sweet and sour sauce.

It was a lovely day, she said, and everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks for the Wedding Ideas.

“My husband and I had a very ‘home-grown wedding,'” Sarah Spencer of Sumner wrote in an e-mail. “We grew all the flowers in our own gardens. We baked the cake ourselves. My young daughters from a previous marriage hand-colored and painted all the invitations and wedding programs.”

She and her husband, Derrek Berkompas, asked their friends to skip the gifts and give donations to their favorite charities, and Sarah asked for a “words of wisdom” shower in which her friends gave her advice instead of lingerie.

The wedding, she said, was meaningful and unique, and cost $300.

In 1984, Lilajean Bendiksen and her husband took advantage of all the rights and privileges accorded with their membership in the Eagles to throw a rollicking wedding for $450 – and that included the honeymoon.

“I bought my wedding dress at a shop that specialized in used wedding dresses. It cost me $40 and was a very pretty dress,” she said.

Her husband bought his tux for $40 at a rental shop’s twice-yearly sale.

“Since we belong to the Eagles, we didn’t have to pay rent on the hall,” she said. “We asked them to reserve an area off to the side for our wedding party.”

The hall had everything the guests needed: a good band, a no-host bar and reasonably priced snacks.

The Bendiksens, of Lakewood, found a coupon for four days and three nights free at a hotel in Reno, and had a romantic drive there and back.

“I decided we were going to relax, and we were not going to go all out. We just enjoyed ourselves,” she said of the wedding. “Our marriage has lasted, and I think it will last quite a while longer.”

These are just a few of the Wedding Ideas we had submitted by our readers. These Wedding Ideas can really assist you in keeping the cost down on your wedding day.


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