Wedding Invitation Labels – Should I use Labels?

Wedding Invitation Labels – Should I use Labels?

Wedding Invitation Labels

Wedding Invitation Labels – Is it proper to use labels on your wedding invitations?

User Submitted Question: I am currently using a wedding software program that has the ability to print wedding invitation labels. This feature would be great and could save a lot of time. Is it proper etiquette to use Wedding Invitation Labels? I am not using regular envelopes – I am sending out a “scroll” in a tube as my invitation. Do you think address wedding invitation labels (in script print) would be okay?

Answer: There are basically two schools of thought on the matter of Wedding Invitation Labels, and even some etiquette sources are in disagreement on whether using a printer for addressing is proper for correspondence of this type. Labels are a different issue entirely, and most etiquette sources agree that they should not be used to address wedding invitations.

Handwriting advocates believe that addressing invitations through a printer or computer shows a lack of interest on the part of the couple. It is also believed that is shows a lack of effort. I disagree with both of these statements, because as much thought and effort is put into font styles, aligning text, etc as is put into writing a hand-written address on an envelope. However, receiving an invitation with a hand-written address does give one the feeling that the couple gave personal attention to the invitation.

On the other hand, using a printer has it’s advantages as well. If your handwriting is awful, a printed font of a wedding invitation label will be easier to read. The post office will have an easier time delivering the invitations. It can save time in most cases. You can get the look of calligraphy and not have to learn (or pay as much for) it. Of course, there are disadvantages as well. You will most likely need to purchase more envelopes, because of “practice runs”. One way to get around this is to cut scrap paper to the size of the envelopes and feed that through the printer instead. You will need the time to find the font you like, set up the printer for a special size, practice time, etc.

Wedding Invitation Labels are generally frowned upon with both sides of the issue. Some of the arguments against labels are: that they are impersonal, and are more appropriate for a mass-mailing business ad. Those that do use wedding invitation labels, generally use clear labels rather than white or color. No matter the choice, it is agreed that inner envelopes (if applicable) should be hand-written.

Stepping back from the etiquette point-of-view, there are times when I believe using wedding invitation labels would be a better choice than handwriting or even using a printer. You have decided to use a scroll sent in a mailing tube for your invitation. In this case, I can definitely see where a label would be more practical. If you have an oddly shaped container, such as a mailing tube, it would be difficult to address it by hand. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a printer which can accommodate such an item. Wedding Invitation Labels, in this case seem to be the best choice.

As you can probably tell by my answer, I don’t strongly advocate any of these. In my personal opinion, it all comes down to what looks the nicest, and what fits with your schedule. All of the options listed above take effort and all have both advantages and disadvantages. Some options are practical with different types of invitations, and the ultimate decision should rest upon what your particular needs are. Whether you decide to use hand written or wedding invitation labels, remember that this is your day, and don’t fret to much about the details. Have a great and memorable wedding.


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