Wedding Invitation – What does it say about you?

Wedding Invitation – What does it say about you?

Wedding Invitation

Primarily, the wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding. It is the first piece, if you will, of your wedding that guests will see. This is why so many brides and grooms agonize when choosing bone colored wedding invitations over the ivory. You can expect to pay an average of $4-$5 per invitation. With such a high cost, you want to be sure to that you are conveying the proper message. So, what’s your wedding invitation saying about you?

Everything down to the calligraphy and wording will change the perception your guests have regarding your wedding. The wedding invitation gives the invited the clues as to the theme and color scheme of your wedding. Wherever possible, choose the highest quality. This is not to say that you should spend a quarter of your budget on wedding invitations, however, compare invitations side by side and see what things you can compromise on and which you cannot. Since the comparison can be difficult to do alone, be sure to bring someone along.

As you look around you will see that some things are not worth paying more for, such as a heavy weight paper that is unbendable and twice as expensive as the medium weight (which is still quite strong). When considering the paper quality you will also have to factor in the cost of stamps, and this will add up a lot faster than you might expect.

The color and print type you choose will need to coincide on the wedding invitation. Nothing should look too bold on the invite. It all boils down to the size of your budget and what you want your audience to gather from the wedding invitation. Although calligraphy is beautiful it may be too expensive for many. Engraving is another option and the most formal of the printing methods.

Don’t conflict themes. If you are having a somewhat relaxed wedding, don’t send an invitation that misrepresents the ceremony and reception. Meaning, don’t send a formal wedding invitation for an out door and informal affair, and vice- versa.

Always verify you are dealing with a reputable wedding invitation company. Although this goes for pretty much anything when it comes to your wedding, you definitely want to make sure that the company will still be around once you get the invitations. Order wedding invitations at least 4 months prior to the wedding, this way you will have plenty of time to send them out. This also servers as a “just in case” scenario where the invitations take longer to print than expected.

Making your own invitations is an option, however, you must consider the time and effort that will need to go into this. Although there are a lot of products out there to assist, time must be taken into account for assembling and printing and creating the invitations. Something to keep in mind, for brides and grooms with little time to spare.

Order (or in some cases make) about 20 invitations more than you think you will need. It is always better to have more than not to have enough. Plus, the cost of printing extras at a later time will be more expensive. Your invitations should be sent out approximately 6 weeks before the wedding.

Although your wedding invitation does set the tone, don’t drive yourself crazy. This is where having a second opinion is helpful. While something may seem like a big deal to you, it may be somewhat unimportant and unnoticeable to others. Remember, although you may agonize for hours over your wedding invitations, most guests will only look at it for less than a minute and hang it on the refrigerator as a reminder if they plan to attend.


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