Wedding Keepsakes

Wedding Keepsakes

Wedding Keepsakes

Your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye. Yet you want to be able to remember each moment, and share it with others in years to come. That is where wedding keepsakes come in. Upon hearing the word keepsake we instinctively think of the wedding video, and bouquet, but what are the other options? That is where we come in. We have a few ways for you to make the memories last a lifetime, with recommendations for wedding keepsakes.

A great idea for wedding keepsakes is to have your wedding photographer, or local photo shop blow up a picture of you and your husband or wife to be and put a glaze on the photograph to allow your guests to write on them. Before the reception have the maid of honor place the photo on some sort of easel with a few markers and a preprinted note from the bride and groom inviting guests to sign the photo. Make sure the picture is blown up large enough to accommodate approximately 1/2 the number of guests attending (you have to take into account some people won’t sign, and many other guests will be part of a couple or family).

Make a wedding quilt, it’s a great keepsake. Although you may think that this is a very difficult task, it is actually quite simple. Your local craft store will have everything you need. You can sew in pictures (color copies of course), ribbon, fabric from dresses, (bridesmaid, maid of honor, parents, and the bride herself) or just about anything you can think of. Don’t feel like you have to fill every square, as wonderful wedding keepsakes can be passed from generation to generation, each adding their own personal touches from their wedding.

Ceramic guest book. Rather than the plain old book, have guests sign a ceramic bowl in any shape you like (you can even make your own ceramic bowl at a local pottery shop). This is a unique keepsake you can put on display after the wedding is long over.

Photo pillows are another great idea for wedding keepsakes. You can have your photograph digitized onto a pillow. Placing a black and white photograph of newlyweds (or even an engagement photo) on a white pillow is a great inexpensive idea. This is a beautiful way to accent your bedroom, while keeping a reminder of your most cherished day.

These are just a few wedding keepsakes you can make or purchase to keep those precious memories close to your heart. They are unique ideas, that are simple enough, yet such a personal touch that they can be passed down from generation to generation.


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