Wedding Photography – Ten Tips to Save on

Wedding Photography – Ten Tips to Save on

Wedding Photography

Ten Tips to Save on Wedding Photography – Ten tips that will help you cut your wedding photography costs. Plus a bonus tip

  1. Shop around for the best priced package that meets your minimum photo needs. Don’t buy a wedding photography package that exceeds your needs.
  2. Check your local college/university for photography students that need experience in the field.
  3. Haggle. If the package is more than you need, see if the photographer will give you a lower price for an ala carte type of package that has less elements in it.
  4. Allow an experienced friend or family member to do your wedding photography.
  5. Remember that the wedding photographer owns the copyright to his/her work. Look for a photographer that gives proofs & negatives and allows you to make unlimited prints (yourself, not using his/her studio) after the wedding. This will save on reprint and/or enlargement costs after the wedding.
  6. Always look at a photographer’s portfolio, whether the photographer is a professional or amateur. You have no basis for comparison with other wedding photographers if you don’t know what his/her work consists of.
  7. Get references and follow up on them. Ask specific questions whether than “did you like the photographer” or “did he/she do good work”. These types of questions tell you very little. Detailed questions such as “How was the photographer’s personality on your wedding day?” or “Was he/she unobtrusive?” will give you much more information.
  8. Pay close attention to how comfortable you are with the photographer. His/her attitude can make your day lousy if it’s bad. Look for someone you are comfortable with. Remember that he/she will be on his/her best behavior during the appointment and if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, this will be magnified greatly on your wedding day.
  9. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. A photographer who has lower prices but lousy pictures in his/her portfolio should not be compared to a photographer with a great pictures in his/her portfolio but a higher price. When comparing prices, you need to compare similar quality in order to get an accurate picture of whether you are getting a good deal or not.
  10. Put every detail into any contract you sign. This will include such details as; the pictures you want taken, the number of photos in your album, when the photographer will arrive at your wedding, what your photographer’s back-up plan is in case he/she is sick or can’t get to your wedding, how long the photographer will stay at your wedding, which relatives/friends the photographer will take pictures of, what percentage of the photos will be in color (or black & white), the date the photos will be completed and ready to pick up, what format of camera the photographer will use and so on. It seems like a lot, but you can’t rely on verbal promises from any vendor. Unless it’s in the contract, they don’t have to provide it (and it doesn’t matter if you pay extra for that specific thing either).

Bonus Tip: Put down only a partial deposit (before the wedding day) if you can. This gives you some recourse if there are any problems with your Wedding Photography.


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