Wedding Planning Introduction

Wedding Planning Introduction

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Wedding Planning

Introduction: What To Do First!

How to begin and get organized, things you should be doing first, a brief overview of the wedding industry, how it affects you, and some quick scam warnings. We’ll talk about useful wedding info to plan your wedding.

Before we start, let us remind you that now is the time to get your Official New Bride Name Change Kit with easy to use forms and checklists to help you change your Social Security records, drivers license, vehicle title, voter registration, passport, credit cards, banking, insurance, medical, and employment records. Most agencies want to be notified within 30 days of your wedding. Don’t put off name changing until the end, have it ready now.

Congratulations! You’ve finally made the most important decision of your life and you’re getting married! We are here to give you the free wedding planning tips you’ll need to plan the most successful scam free wedding possible. You’ll find plenty of easy to read bridal tips, written with a humorous attitude. After reading this site in its entirety, you’ll be able to plan your stress free wedding with confidence. You’ll find the world’s best wedding tips in different categories, scams revealed, book reviews, wedding cakes and groom’s cake photos, links to only the most useful wedding sites, and honeymoon vacation planning. If they are mentioned here, it’s because we’ve checked them out, used them, spent hours on the phone with their presidents and marketing managers, and are satisfied that they will provide good service, and have everything disclosed in writing. We give you money saving bridal bargains such as choosing wedding dresses, photographers, DJs, florists, videographers, and bridal registries. One of the first things you should do is to get a few wedding books for flowers, wedding cake ideas, honeymoon destinations, and get a Free Wedding Planning Guide.

We reveal scams that other wedding sites gloss over or ignore, especially regarding bridal shops and bridal registries. Look at most wedding sites and you’ll see they don’t mention the seedier side of the wedding industry, so they won’t alienate their advertisers. We don’t care who we alienate in our quest to provide you with the best wedding tips and scam warnings. The only people we “cater to” is you.

Because of the scams that other sites don’t warn you about, many brides and grooms lose thousands of dollars, get totally scammed, or don’t receive the services they were verbally promised for their weddings. They are treated worse than POW’s because they were unprepared and rushed into deals that they never should have. Forget about courts helping you if you did not get anything in writing. Suddenly the judge looks down upon you like you’re the criminal for not getting a contract. But we’ll teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself, when doing your Wedding Planning.



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