Wedding Trends Forecast

Wedding Trends Forecast

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends – Forecast

Occasionally, I like to take a moment to forecast which wedding trends might be coming up in the world of weddings. As with most things, these wedding trends are my opinions based on my years of experience in the wedding industry. Some couples choose to follow the wedding trends, while others choose to go as far from the trends as possible. Either choice is valid.

Patriotic Weddings

Red, white and blue will be popular wedding colors this year (in the United States of America). A few gown designers have already added patriotic touches (including flags and stars) and you can be sure that more designers will follow this theme of wedding trends. You may start seeing torches, lady liberty or eagles coming down the runway in the near future. You may also see patriotism apparent in invitations, centerpieces and favors. It’s likely that quite a few couples will choose to add a miniature flag (or other American symbol) to traditional favors and centerpieces. Invitation companies will likely have one or two choices that reflect the patriotism of the United States and may include such motifs as the American flag, lady liberty or more Western choices (think bandannas, hay bales, cowboy hats, etc). Let’s not forget that many weddings will be held on patriotic holidays such as the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Finally, you will see a lot of music that is patriotic in nature played at wedding receptions.

Green Weddings

Couples are becoming increasingly aware of various issues that affect their home planet, Earth. As a result, many couples are opting for “green” weddings. Products that they buy are either recycled or able to be recycled after the wedding. You will likely see more natural favors in the form of seeds, seed packets or seedlings (such as trees) and you may also see such things as homemade papers (made from recycled papers, magazines, etc) used in invitations. Those favors that aren’t from the natural world will likely be useful and practical instead…one such example is candles. Instead of rice, you will likely see birdseed or flower seeds thrown at the lucky couple. Many couples will opt to go back to regular dishware and silverware (perhaps rescued from thrift shops and donated to shelters after the wedding) that can be re-used rather than using throw-away products. Living centerpieces will be used to decorate reception tables. Outdoor weddings that don’t use such things as electricity (and other precious resources) will also become more popular wedding trends this year.

Spend a Little, Spend a Lot

In the next year, I see two distinct spending styles emerging in the world of wedding trends. Some couples will feel that it is their patriotic duty to spend more on their wedding than they would ordinarily. Other couples will feel that it is wisest to spend less due to the nature of the current economy. Of course, there are always couples that spend more and couples that spend less, but I expect the lines to be drawn even farther apart than normal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more couples taking out loans to finance their weddings and on the opposite end of the spectrum…more couples doing everything possible to save money on their weddings.

Historical Weddings

There may be a number of couples who opt for historical weddings in the next year. Their receptions will be held at historical American mansions, historical outdoor locations and any other place that holds a bit of American history. You may also see couples who seek out older wedding traditions, sepia toned (or black & white) wedding photos and invitations with a historical theme. Another wedding trend will continue to grow this year, many brides will want to wear clothing that reflects American heritage. Don’t be surprised to see dresses that reflect what Martha Washington (or even Betsy Ross) might have worn in the past. A renewed interest in traditional wedding etiquette is expected as a side shoot of the interest in American history.

Less Destination Weddings

More couples will opt to have their weddings in the United States rather than in other locales. Destination weddings have been popular in the last five years or so, but I expect to see a decline this year due to the fact that most American couples will want to have a wedding in their homeland this year. There is one major exception, Hawaii will likely continue to be very popular as far as destination weddings are concerned.

Older Couples

Couples are waiting to get married until they are older. We are likely to see this trend continue in the future as younger adults wait until they are finished with their education before considering marriage. Many younger adults will also focus on their careers before leaping into marriage. Along with the trend of waiting to get married, many couples are waiting to have children until they are older as well. Yet another trend that is increasing is having children before getting married. Wedding Trends that will continue into the coming years.

Do It Yourself Wedding Crafts

The bulk of my visitors visit this site for the wedding crafts. Though there has always been an interest in wedding crafts, the number of visitors to these types of pages have increased faster than in the past. I expect this trend to continue as couples seek out more ways to personalize their weddings. As with many forecasts in this particular trend forecast, I expect couples to look for more patriotic crafts in the next year. Being frugal for your wedding is one of the current top wedding trends.

Whether you will be a trend setter or follow the current wedding trends, I am sure your wedding will be a memorable occasion.


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