Wedsites – Create your own Wedding Website

Wedsites – Create your own Wedding Website


Wedding sites are the wave of the future. Have your wedding online for guests all around the world to have access to. Here’s what you need to do to get wedsites up and running:

  • Find a domain name. This is simple. This is the actual name of your site. It can be anything, but try to keep it simple so that guests don’t have a hard time remembering it. For example: or You might need to play with the names if they are unavailable. Remember, keep it simple. Try for a cheap price on your domain name for wedsites.
  • Creating the site is easier than you think. You don’t have to be a pro in HTML to create a great site. There are many tools that facilitate creating a great website. FrontPage and Word have great creation tools, not to mention simple to use features.
  • On the site you will need to post some things to ensure your guests are well prepared. First, introduce yourselves on the main page, include photos and a short history of your relationship, i.e. when you met, how long you have been dating, the proposal, and when you knew you were “meant for each other”.
  • Including an itinerary of the festivities on wedsites is wise. If you will have a number of events, or if you are having an away wedding, include a list of things your guests are invited to, events, or attractions. Include times so that guests may prepare accordingly.
  • Make your wedding easy for out of towners. On your wedsite include information on hotels and airlines you recommend or have placed reservations with, include phone numbers, prices, availability, and addresses. Many airlines and hotels will offer your guests a discount if you tell them and can book in advance. This will help your guests feel more at ease with the long distance, not to mention help them budget for the trip.
  • Directions are always key. Include photographs (if possible) of the reception and ceremony site along with links to sites that will provide your guests with door to door directions. This will eliminate any confusion come your wedding day.
  • Registry made easy. Many sites offer online registries, and what better place to place it than online? Your guests can see up to date information on your registry and can even buy online with many retailers from links on wedsites.

Although some of your guests may not be Internet savvy, this is a sure fire way to assist even the most novice of users. Keeping it simple is key, while ensuring to provide your guests with the essentials. Wedsites are fun to create, and are only limited by your imagination.


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